Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 with Philips Speechmike Air

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Medical dictation with Dragon Medical Practice Edition version 2 is a great solution, but it's even better when you go wireless.  Introducing our bundle of DMPE2 with the Philips Speechmike Air.  Handheld wireless dictation, push to talk button functionality and other buttons allow you to tab through your EHR fields and more give you freedom of dictation.

Features include ;

  • Recording control with push button
  • One thumb operation of all dictation features
  • Intuitive recording with the push-to-talk function
  • High quality microphone for excellent recording quality
  • Superb recording quality optimized for speech recognition
  • Trackball for navigation through documents replaces the mouse
  • High-end front speaker for crystal-clear playback
  • Clearly visible LEDs indicate record, insert and overwrite mode
  • Three function buttons for individual configuration
  • Dictate at up to 99% accuracy

Complete details on the Dragon Medical Practice Edition v2 and Philips Speechmike Air is available by clicking on each respective link.