Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 with Powermic 3

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Today's most advanced speech recognition software for medical dictation is now available with the all new Nuance Powermic III microphone.  This combination of software and hardware is sure to make any Physician happy with accuracy rates of no less than 99%.  

What makes this combination of software and hardware so powerful is that the software which makes the Powermic III work is integrated into the Dragon Medical Practice Edition.  No need to worry about 3rd party software and configuration and no need to worry about system instability at any level.

All Physicians who have used previous versions of this combination were very happy with the performance of the system.  Today, with the new AI based Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, it's increased accuracy along with the new Powermic III is sure to be a success wherever it is installed.

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Full product details on the Nuance Powermic III and Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 can be found by clicking on the links.