Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 with Philips Speechmike Air Premium

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The Philips Speechmike Air Premium (SMP 4000/10) bundled with Dragon Medical Practice 4 is a  wireless handheld microphone for Dragon Medical that offers best in accuracy and no connection issues.

In the past, the infamous Speechmike Air (LFH 3000/10) was very popular.  Unfortunately, it used older Bluetooth technology and at times, individuals would have connection issues.  This is no longer the case thanks to the Speechmike Air Premium "Lossless Technology".  The microphone offers more features than before such as easily connecting to multiple workstations, automatic on/off depending on the orientation of the microphone and more.  Coupled with the latest speech recognition software for Physicians, this combination is a great solution for thos who want handhelds with no wires.

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PDF Sheets (Speechmike Air Premium)
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More information on the Philips Speechmike Air Premium and the Dragon Medical Practice Edition v4.