Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 Upgrade from Dragon Medical 10

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For our providers who have waited a few years for an upgrade and are continuing to use Dragon Medical v10, we have created this special double upgrade so that you can enjoy the latest edition of Dragon Medical.  With this bundle, you will receive 2 upgrades which is still discounted from the original full edition.  Please read important information below the bullet points.

You will not have to install all of these versions.  You may install this on a brand new computer and simply have 1 software installation.  Proper serial number is provided for this.


How is it an upgrade from Dragon Medical 10 to Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4?

Dragon Medical 10 was available in a few different versions including

  • Dragon Medical Enterprise 10.1
  • Dragon Medical 10
  • Dragon Medical Small Practice Edition (SPE).

The next version was in fact supposed to be called Dragon Medical 11.  However the product was forked out into different editions and different segments of the market including Dragon Medical Practice Edition, Dragon Medical Network Edition and a host of other Hospital based products. 

The following represents the actual Dragon NaturallySpeaking engine levels.

  • Dragon Medical 10 used the Dragon NaturallySpeaking v10 engine
  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition 1 used the Dragon NaturallySpeaking v11 engine
  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 was using the Dragon NaturallySpeaking v12 engine.  
  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition 3 may have been using the Dragon NaturallySpeaking v13 engine but was never released in the USA.  We are unsure of the actual engine level of DMPE3.
  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is using the Dragon NaturallySpeaking v15+ engine.  While it may be using v15 engine, many other enhancements to the software were made that is are not contained in Dragon NaturallySpeaking v15 consumer editions. Therefore DMPE4 is truly it's own new engine.

Important Information

In order to successfully upgrade your software, you must have your serial numbers.  You may do this by taking a screen shot of your current version and saving this to a file on your computer.  

Also, since Dragon Medical 10 and Dragon Medical Practice Edition 1 use outdated technology, it is not possible to upgrade your user files.  Therefore, you must back up your custom words as well as your templates and commands.

Once you purchase this product SKU, we will send you a complete installation guide. 

You may also want to take advantage or our technical services which includes upgrading and installing your entire system as well as preserving your previous customizations.  Free yourself and let us take control of your computer and make it happen.