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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 Upgrade
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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 Upgrade

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Upgrade to the latest Dragon Speech Recognition for Physicians. Available via immediate download.  With this upgrade, you will receive new technology unlike any Dragon software engine you have ever...
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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 Full Edition

The cutting edge new Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 is here.  With advanced Deep Learning technology, DMPE4 now continuously learns and adapts to voice and environmental variations on the...

Nuance Powermic III microphone with 3 foot, 9 foot or Coiled Cord version.

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The all new Nuance PowerMic III replaces the PowerMic II as Nuance's flagship microphone for handheld dictation. This microphone advances PC dictation to a new level with recording and...

Dragon Medical One - Cloud based Speech Recognition

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Dragon® Medical One was designed for clinician use.  Instantaneously create secure digital documentation from anywhere and send it directly to any Windows-based device.  Whether you’re updating a patient chart, searching the...
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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 with Powermic 3

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Today's most advanced speech recognition software for medical dictation is now available with the all new Nuance Powermic III microphone.  This combination of software and hardware is sure to...

Miclabs Super-G Desktop Microphone

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MICLABS SUPER-G PRODUCTS This Professional computer Gooseneck desktop microphone featuring noise cancellation, USB connectivity and extremely high accuracy for use with Dragon Medical software. FEATURES Over 1000 microphones used...