Following are some of the most advanced headsets and microphones to use with your Dragon Medical Software.  All of the microphones features here are given the highest ratings in accuracy and use from Nuance dealers and users alike throughout the years of supporting Dragon Medical Software.

Wired Headsets and Microphones for Dragon Medical

MicroLabs EM2 DEC Headset for Speech Recognition

Regular price $59.95
Our Microlabs EM2 exclusive speech recognition headset is a game changer for dictation headsets.  This Dual Ear Cardiod headset (DEC Headset) delivers better accuracy than the most expensive headsets...

Sennheiser PC-21

Regular price $14.95
The PC 21 headset from Sennheiser is an ideal choice for computer communication. The headset has a single earpiece with a foam cushion, allowing you to maintain awareness of your surroundings. The noise-cancelling...

Sennheiser PC-26-USB headset for computer

Regular price $19.95
The PC 26 USB Headset from Sennheiser is a monaural headset with a USB interface, intended for computer use. Perfect for VoIP applications, the headset features a comfortable design and noise-cancelling microphone. This...

Andrea NC-181 Headset

Regular price $24.95
Andrea Communications NC-181 Mono Headset offers unparalleled speech and sound clarity. The exclusive noise-canceling microphone, with a windsock that minimizes breath popping, has been awarded the coveted "6 Dragon"...
Sennheiser SC-635-USB Premium headset for speech recognition software

Sennheiser SC-635-USB Premium headset for speech recognition software

Regular price $129.95 $189.95
The Sennheiser MB-635 is an ultra noise cancelling premium headset designed for PC use and voice communications.  The Single-sided headset features a USB and a 3.5 mm jack for...

Nuance Dragon USB Headset

Regular price $39.95
Nuance USB headset included with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, available as a separate purchase. The Dragon USB headset delivers superior audio input for use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. A...