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Contact us via email, telephone or have us call you back.

CALL: 1-888-501-0123 or fill in the following form with questions or concerns and we will contact you immediately via email or telephone contact.  You may also want to look for our online chat.

Our mailing address is 13833 Wellington Trace, Suite E4-454, Wellington, FL 33414.

Please note *** Many of our customers have been confused regarding our shipping policies.  For Dragon medical upgrades, these products are available via download and/or shipment.  If you are placing or have placed an order and would like a shipment of your goods, please be sure to choose your shipment method.  For upgrades, there is a charge for this.  For full editions, there is no charge and items are automatically shipped.  If you have already placed an order for download only and would like a DVD sent, please place a new order for the Dragon Medical Media to receive your DVD.  We apologize for any confusion this may been for current customers.

Please note: On May 1st, our offices began to move to a new location and our telephone system were not transferred properly.  We have completed our move on 5/11/2018.  We should have resolve on this issue by 5/15/2018.  In the meantime, chat and email are the best ways to reach us.

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