Digital Recorders for Healthcare have always been essential for collecting notes either in the office or in the field.  Today, due to the nature of EHR systems, most systems require individuals to use Dragon Medical to dictate, or individuals may type or select patient diagnosis and procedures from drop down lists.  Unfortunately, for some healthcare providers, EHR systems make them too slow and they are not able to meet the patient demand.  Also, some health care is performed in the field and having to deal with a computer based system is sometimes simply not ideal.  The following Digital Recorders, (also known as dictaphones, handheld recorders or simply handhelds) will fulfill these needs.  These aren't your average recorders.  These recorders encompass editing, rechargeable batteries and security to meet HIPPA standards.  Once you dictate, Dragon Medical can transcribe the notes with extreme high accuracy.

Digital Recorders