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Dragon® Medical One was designed for clinician use. instantaneously create secure digital documentation from anyw here and send it directly to any Windows-based device.  Whether you’re updating a patient chart,...

Dragon® Medical One was designed for clinician use. instantaneously create secure digital documentation from anyw here and send it directly to any Windows-based device.  Whether you’re updating a patient chart, searching the web, creating an email or generating a Microsoft® Excel document, Dragon® Medical One will allow users to create their documentation by voice.  No device limits, user file always available with your commands from anywhere, work on lower powered PCs to increase portability options.  Below, you will find Dragon Medical One Pricing, as well as details on subscriptions and comparison to the Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 Desktop.
Dragon Medical One Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4
What is it? Dragon Medical One is a cloud based speech recognition software product. Dragon Medical Practice Edition is a software product installed locally on an individual PC
How much does it cost? DMO is a subscription service paid monthly.  Costs are $99 per month* (may save for longer terms)
DMPE-4 initially costs $1599.  For previous version customers, cost is only $599.  This is a one time purchase and no monthly or yearly fees are associated.
Which is better? DMO uses version 4 as it's version number at this time.  Accuracy compared to DMPE-4 should be equal.  This all depends on many factors including speech of computer, available memory and Internet connection quality. DMPE-4 is currently on version 4.  This is based on the NaturallySpeaking engine level version 15.  Accuracy is equal to DMO.  This depends on many factors including speed of computer and available memory.
Are product updates free? DMO is automatically updated in the cloud.  So long as you are subscribed, there are no upgrade costs.  As the platform is upgraded, you are automatically using the latest software available. DMPE-4 has an update utility.  You are advised of important updates in the version 4 family as they are available.  
What about major version upgrades? DMO is automatically updated in the cloud.  If there is a major engine improvement, there are no costs associated as it is included with your monthly service. DMPE-4 is the latest version using NaturallySpeaking engine v15.  If there is a major version upgrade, this upgrade will generally costs $599* (based on same cost the past 10 years).  Upgrades are usually available every 2 - 4 years.
How many computers may I install on? With DMO, there are no device limits.  You may have DMO installed in your office computers, in your exam rooms, in multiple offices and at home with no additional costs.   With DMPE-4, there aren't any device limitations, however, there are activation limitations.  Our general rule of thumb is, DMPE-4 allows activation on 3 computers with having 1 more activation on backup.  Should you run out of activations, you will be required to make a special request for an increase in activations.  Your account will then be reviewed and you are either granted or rejected more activations.  This is a liberal policy and is simply checked to ensure piracy is not an issue.
Multi-Computer use With DMO, everything is stored in the cloud.  Therefore, if you add a word or phrase on one computer, this added vocabulary is available on all computers.  No additional work is needed for backing up user profiles, ensuring network connectivity.  This is one of the strongest points of using a cloud based service. With DMPE-4, there are methods for sharing vocabulary from one machine to the next.  You may import and export this vocabulary.  If you use many machines, the process may be tedious and you should use the next method.  The next method using "Roaming Profiles" requires you designate a computer to be the "master".  All other computers will synchronize with this "master" computer (only if on the same network).  If you use a separate network momentarily, your sync will happen when you go back to the network with the "master" computer.


Just one of the great features of Dragon® Medical One is the reduced costs that come from cloud-based subscription technology.


Instantly detects your regional accent for more precise documentation


Clinicians can create a profile easily and be documenting in minutes


After initial setup and integration, installation is easy and in just minutes you will be creating patient notes


Clinicians can stay productive while using their Windows-based device and focus on the unique patient story rather than usage limits



Loyalty Discounts and information for previous Dragon Medical clients

  • With today's subscriptions, there are currently no $ value loyalty discounts. However ;
  • We offer an exclusive free upgrade implementation.  This includes importing your words and your commands (templates) from any Dragon product.  We will work on porting over your information free of charge, a $100 value!

Get started right away.

Are you ready to get on board?  No need to buy a new computer, no need to worry about installation limits, fast and accurate processing right away.




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