Headsets for Dragon Medical speech recognition.  These headsets are all known to work with extreme high accuracy for medical dictation.


MicroLabs EM2 DEC Headset for Speech Recognition

Regular price $59.95
Our Microlabs EM2 exclusive speech recognition headset is a game changer for dictation headsets.  This Dual Ear Cardiod headset (DEC Headset) delivers better accuracy than the most expensive headsets...
Sennheiser SC-635-USB Premium headset for speech recognition software

Sennheiser SC-635-USB Premium headset for speech recognition software

Regular price $129.95 $189.95
The Sennheiser MB-635 is an ultra noise cancelling premium headset designed for PC use and voice communications.  The Single-sided headset features a USB and a 3.5 mm jack for...

Sennheiser PC-26-USB headset for computer

Regular price $19.95
The PC 26 USB Headset from Sennheiser is a monaural headset with a USB interface, intended for computer use. Perfect for VoIP applications, the headset features a comfortable design and noise-cancelling microphone. This...

Sennheiser PC-21

Regular price $14.95
The PC 21 headset from Sennheiser is an ideal choice for computer communication. The headset has a single earpiece with a foam cushion, allowing you to maintain awareness of your surroundings. The noise-cancelling...
Andrea NC-125-VM-USB

Andrea NC-125-VM-USB

Regular price $39.95 $49.95
Stereo PC Headset with Noise Canceling Microphone and Volume/Mute Controls. When sound quality is your top priority, Andrea Electronics PC headsets offer a quality noise canceling microphone with the...