Dragon Medical One - Getting Started & Installation

Installing Dragon Medical One

Thank you taking the first step towards acquiring Dragon Medical One.

There are a few steps necessary in order to activate a new account.  Follow the installation instructions on this page.  Software installation is available below  Once you have completed these steps, you will be activated and can start using the system.

STEP 1 - Subscribe

You must register your account on dictation cloud and process a subscription order.  dictation cloud is the service management portion of Dragon Medical One.  Dictation.cloud allows you to manage subscriptions, credit cards and user information.  Clicking on the coded links above will attach your account with the proper installation below.  Please be sure to click on one of the above links in order to process.   Follow steps A and B.

STEP 1(A) - Create an account on the dictation cloud portal.  The first account you create will be an administrator account.  This individual may be a practice manager, IT support, a secretary or a provider.  This is the account manager and may be the same as a subscriber.

STEP 1(B) - Place an order for the number of subscribers (individuals dictating).  You may need to click on the SHOP link.  You may choose a yearly or multi-year plan with discounts.  You may choose monthly or yearly payments.  Do not add a Powermic Mobile separate subscription.  Powermic Mobile is now included with all plans free of charge.

STEP 2 - Activate your subscribers

Once you have finished the above, you need to activate your subscriber(s).  This simply means adding their email address and creating a password.

STEP 2(A) - Activate your subscriber(s).  Fill in the name and email address fields.  You can always change email addresses and passwords may always be changed in the future.

STEP 2(B) - Check your email.  At this point, you will receive an email which states "subscriptions activated".  This email will have a link (and a PDF) of your "Welcome Kit".  The welcome kit contains basic and advanced installation techniques.  However, you can follow the below simplified instructions.

STEP 3 - Install Dragon Medical One

Once you are activated, you will receive automated emails to download your software and begin use within minutes.  In addition, you will receive emails for training, installation, user guides, command guides, videos and more. 

STEP 3(A) - Install using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.  Find your  welcome kit you will receive once you've activated your user ; copy your organization URL ; and run the installer.  Be sure not to copy any spaces.

STEP 3(B) - Once installed, you will have a new icon on your desktop called Dragon Medical One.  Double click this icon.  If the software loads and asks for username, you will use your email address. 

Choose your microphone and vocabulary to begin using Dragon Medical One.  If your specific vocabulary is not available, choose the closest match.  

If you are going to use your smartphone ;

  • STEP ONE. Login to your desktop and choose Powermic Mobile Mic as your microphone.  The microphone emblem will turn orange.
  • STEP TWO. Open this email on your Smartphone
  • STEP THREE. Go to your app store and download the Powermic Mobile App.
  • STEP FOUR. Do not open the App. Choose one of the following links which will open the app.
  • For iPhone: dmic://config_?NmsToken=OEMzRUFFNkItRDBGMC00NDQ1LThDOTItRUJFRTQwRTMwOEEz
  • For Android: http://config_/?NmsToken=OEMzRUFFNkItRDBGMC00NDQ1LThDOTItRUJFRTQwRTMwOEEz
  • STEP FIVE. Login using your same user name and password.
  • STEP SIX. Should be connected now. Press the play button to begin recording.
    ADDED NOTE:  If you did not create your account through our Portal @ DragonMedicalSoftware.com, the configuration links above may differ.  Please be sure to find your original welcome kit which has all of your original keys to ensure success.