Miclabs Super-G Desktop Microphone

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This Professional computer Gooseneck desktop microphone featuring noise cancellation, USB connectivity and extremely high accuracy for use with Dragon Medical software.


  • Over 1000 microphones used for speech recognition in the medical community with excellent reviews.
  • Multi-use.  Use for speech recognition, broadcasting and recording.
  • Compatible with all speech recognition software including Dragon Medical, Google speech recognition and others. 
  • Achieve accuracy rates of 99%+.
  • Simply use with turn on / off button with online light indicator.
  • Sensitive pre-amplified microphone allows individuals with soft voices excellent results.
  • Distant clear recordings from up to 5 feet away possible.
  • Directional microphone. Includes a Hyper-Cardioid microphone element. Allows use in quiet and noisy environments once microphone volume has been adjusted.
  • XLR Gooseneck may detach from the base station to allow for remote dictation up to 50 foot away with extension XLR with no increase in noise or loss of volume. 


MicLabs Super-G

  • 18" Gooseneck microphone.
  • Base Station and gooseneck with on/off light indicator.
  • USB Cable.
  • 2 foam Windscreens.